I have had constant pain for the last 25-26 years, to die would have been a blessing. The pain made it very hard to enjoy life in any manner. I have tried everything to rid the pain, you name it. But everywhere I went there were incompetent people working by a stopwatch to turn out people as fast a possible, caring about money not people. Then I met Dr. Lindsie at the Home Show. Dr. Lindsie was different, caring. Since I started care I have had more energy. I have been in pain for years, and only time will tell….but I’m willing to wait.



For years my kidney’s haven’t been functioning properly. My kidney levels have been too high. I changed nothing in my life, besides coming to Dr. Lindsie. At my last check up, for the first time in years, my kidney levels were normal.






Golf has been my life and so was working at an office desk. Weekends were supposed to be relaxing, with time spent on the golf course. But with years of damage to my back, golf left me crippled after one game. My back would “seize-up” and I would literally walk around hunched over. I started to take aspirin before, during, and after to help with the pain. Pain was gone, but not the “seize-up,” which stopped me from all my other weekend activities. So much for relaxing weekends. I started seeing Dr. Lindsie when I was still working and I am anxious to tell everyone my experience. Pain free and “seize” free. Now that I retired 6 months ago, I spend 4 days a week doing what I love….Golf.





I had tremendous lower back pain for years, but about 2 years ago I did something to it that incapacitated me. I couldn’t lie down and slept in a recliner for months. I also had been suffering from low energy-couldn’t climb stairs and quit walking/exercising. I tried a pain relief chiropractor, which provided temporary relief, along with lots of Aleve and Tylenol. When I was working in an office I had to slouch down in a chair and place my keyboard on my lap to use it. Within minutes at the computer I would be in pain. At home I couldn’t do anything-it hurt to vacuum. I met Dr. Lindsie at an Open house. Since I started care I have had increased energy, and less pain-WAY less pain. My diet has changed. I have hope for a healthier future. I can run up and down stairs. I am stronger. Simple things like sleeping or even getting out of bed doesn’t hurt! Yea! My idea of chiropractic has totally changed. I was pretty skeptical but each time I talk with Dr. Lindsie I learn something new. The information that she has available is a treasure. Corrective Care Chiropractic works! I am so blessed to have found this center-I have a great life!






I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was affecting every organ and hormone in my body. Heavy periods, irregular bowel movements, fatigue, nausea, fainting, migraines, allergies, asthma, anxiety, depression, weight gain, sodium deficiency, neck pain, back pain, and hip pain. I tried medications, surgeries, massage, several doctors, exercise, alcohol, narcotics, and even a medication that gave me a heart attack,. My condition prevented me from working full time, I had to quit my job as a massage therapist. I got tired very easily. I met Dr. Lindsie when she spoke at a Women’s retreat. Since I started, I have more energy, and don’t have as bad of bloating/gas. I can work out longer, in less pain. I am not so anxious or depressed. I feel good! No doctor has ever referred me to this! I refer everyone to Dr. Lindsie! I even gave a speech on her office and chiropractic. I love coming in, every part of it!

-Amanda, 23 yrs old



I’m skinnier, eating healthier, and have more energy.  My muscle spasms and headaches have improved.  I’m eating better foods daily.

-Andrea K




I tried massage for my neck and low back pain.  Since I started chiropractic care, my neck and back pain RARELY occur.  I’ve also noticed that I don’t have knee pain anymore.

-Bailey B





My health problems included neck and shoulder pain, frequent muscle pulls and pain from sports activities.  I tried eating healthy, stretching and weight training.  Now that I’m under Chiropractic care, my neck and shoulder pain is gone, I have fewer muscle aches.  My posture has improved and I’m actually 1/2 ” taller.  I feel great and always appreciate how I feel after my adjustment.  I never realized how much better I could feel from removing the subluxation that I had for so many years!

-Chris B





Accacia came to Revive Chiropractic Wellness Center with her Mom.  Accacia was on medication for ADHD and OCD.

Per her Mom: “Since visiting Dr. Olson, Accacia is eating healthier and improving on her behaviors in school.  She is able to finish work in class and at school.  Happy that she is no longer on Medications.”

-Accacia B





I had neck pain and many issues getting a good night of sleep.  I tried exercise, massage and medications.  Now that I am coming to Revive, improvements include better sleep, less pain and greater flexibility.

-Jim T




My primary concerns were with neck, shoulder and back pain.  I used Advil as my treatment option until I started my appointments at Revive.  Now my pain is gone and I no longer have shoulder tension.  I feel better and my breathing is easier.

-Gaye L






I have diabetes, and also had numbness in my hands, sleepless nights and lack of energy.  My treatment included regular doctor visits and caffeine.  Since coming to Revive, I am able to take less insulin.  It’s also great to get a full night of sleep, have more energy and not have the numbness in my hands.

-Joel B




My health problems included: constant low back pain, poor posture, and difficulty rising from a seated position to standing.  I tried massage as well as medications.  Changes in my health since coming to Revive include good posture and no back pain.  Great posture feels great and is my new normal!

-Maggie C




I came in to Revive with neck, back and tailbone pain; not to mention worsening headaches. My medical doctor visits were numerous with prescribed medications and x-rays/CT Scans.  Currently, I am only part of my way through my treatment plan with Dr. Olson and my headaches are gone.  My neck and back pain has subsided and I can sit again with much less pain.  My energy is up and I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Blessed that I met Amy at the runners trade show and thankful for Dr. Olson’s healing hands and adjustment!

-Lindsay P






I was dealing with depression, anxiety, bi-polar and anger management. For treatment, I was at Regions in the psychiatric ward and was put on three different medications. Now that I am getting chiropractic care, I haven’t had to deal with depression, anxiety or bi-polar.   Dr. Olson is helping with anger management by being my chiropractor.

-Angela M


I came to Revive because of a sore neck, painful lower back, numbing in my hands and fingers, and type 2 diabetes.  I tried physical therapy.  Now that I receive chiropractic care at Revive, I have stopped taking Metformin for diabetes.  The tingling and numbers in my fingers and hands has gone away and I have more neck movement and/or range.  It’s nice to be working and living with very little back pain.  Now I also eat more “real” and healthier foods.  The results are that I feel better and have lost weight.

-Howy C