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Corrective Chiropractic Care

Corrective Chiropractic is a scientific, results driven approach to lasting change. By analyzing each specific spinal segment and understanding the degree of pressure, we are able to remove interference to allow your body to heal the way it was designed to. Using our on-site, state-of-the-art digital imaging, the doctors are able to evaluate each individuals specific needs.

God put the most amazing healing and functioning power inside your brain. That power needs to be able to travel down the spinal cord and out the nerves to every organ, gland, tissue and cell without any interference. Our nervous system is responsible for ALL activity in our body. God created our spinal column to surround and protect our nervous system from any damage.

Therefore, the way your spine is positioned affects the way your nervous systems works. This in turn affects the way the rest of your body functions. From the feeling in our toes, our heart beating, to our stomach digesting food and all the way to the aches in our head, it is all controlled by our Nervous System! That is why the Doctors at Revive are able to treat not only neck and back pain but can also treat patients that suffer from a wide variety of symptoms including but not limited to digestive issues, headaches, fibromyalgia, anxiety/depression, sleep issues, numbness/tingling, hip pain, knee pain, allergies, diabetes and many more.

The trickiest aspect about our nervous system is that only 10% of the nerves sense pain. Therefore, 90% of the time, you may not know that you have life-damaging pressure on your nerves. By the time pain or symptoms are apparent, the problem has likely already been there for a while. We can’t base out health on how we FEEL. The only way to know if you are fully functioning and building health is through a comprehensive spinal evaluation. Our goal is to not only detect and correct spinal interference, BUT to prevent it in the first place!

At Revive, we have the capability to make precise measurements of the damage done to your spine and nervous system. We have the resources to know exactly what to do in order to correct it as well as maintain it. After a complete analysis of a patient’s history, health, and spine, our team is able to make the best recommendation for care. Using advanced spinal and state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques and therapies, along with the Doctor’s years of training and experience in corrective spinal adjustments, our patients see consistent results.

Don’t wait until you have pain or symptoms. Let's schedule your full spinal evaluation and start building your health right now!

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