New Patient Center


When you visit Revive for the first time, you’ll receive a Health and Wellness Analysis.  Dr. Olson uses the latest technology and the best scientific research to determine which proven methods help restore your body to a state of vitality and wellness.  Instead of simply treating symptoms, Dr. Olson will help you remove the obstacles to wellness that prevent your body from experiencing optimal health.

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Complete Bio-Structural Evaluation

Your posture and biomechanics will be assessed for any alternations or obstacles that are blocking your body’s natural ability to heal.

Radiological Screen (if necessary)

For some patients, x-rays are required. X-rays provide the best image
of the position of your spine and where pressure on the nervous system exists.

A General Health and Wellness Inventory

To get a picture of the whole you, a thorough inventory of your health and wellness issues, including health history, current habits, nutritional information, exercise, stress, toxins, and more is taken and used to develop a progress path to restore wellness.

After all the information has been collected, Dr. Olson will review and examine the information thoroughly. The results will then be discussed and shared with you.