Nutritional Counseling

When under chiropractic care at Revive, nutritional counseling is a necessary part of your care that we address with each patient because it is one of our 5 Essentials of Health. We believe that nutrition plays a vital role in every human being’s health and that is why we take it very seriously. One thing we always say is that health and healing come from the inside out. God didn’t create us as sick human beings. What you put into your body will be expressed through your health. If you are eating junky and processed foods, you will exhibit junky and processed health. If you are eating good and whole foods, your body will produce good and whole health.

Our bodies were designed to be fueled with non-toxic, whole organic foods. Today, our cells and ultimately our bodies are starving for quality nutrients. At times, our bodies will display signs and symptoms of toxicity or nutritional deprivation. By working together, Revive will provide and empower you with tools to supply your body with what it needs. Combined with lifestyle advice and corrective spinal care, we offer the latest nutritional advice ranging from meal plans all the way to specific supplementation according to your health needs.

All of our patients are welcomed and encouraged to attend Revive’s courses regarding Nutrition.  The courses are free to patients as well as their friends and families.  If you want to learn more about nutrition, want to lose weight, or want to find some powerful tools to change bad habits, we would love to help you.